A more interesting bet token on blockchain

WavyCoin is a project with an Innovative token economy design and incentive mechanisms, players and punters will be enabled to become platform stakeholders as the platform continues on it's path of providing best decentralized betting experiences on the blockchain.

Why Wavycoin?

Wavycoin intends to leverage ERC-20 and BSC blockchain’s ambition to establish “a truly decentralized internet” to become the premier blockchain staking platform across all chains From our perspective, the ERC-20 and BSC have managed to meet expectations by becoming one of the largest blockchain-based operating systems in the world. We intend to take advantage of ERC-20 and BSC high throughput and scalability to provide the best user experience possible for the community we serve. As blockchain technology proliferates through modern society, Wavycoin will help bring about mass adoption by educating the everyday consumer and engaging them in blockchain related activities as described by our use case.

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The Ecosystem

Wavycoin, a positive growth motivated platform, will take the responsibility of maintaining the platform from punters and users so that they can focus wagering on event outcomes by constant self-assessment and determination.

Whether you’re a gamer, merchant, developer or just someone who loves crypto - everyone can benefit from Wavycoin ecosystem.

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How it Works

Best Features

We aim to provide the best user experience possible for the community we serve.

Free Transaction

Wavycoin puts the user experience first, and that means free transaction costs are a necessity, therefore by putting up its own energy and bandwidth for its user, Wavycoin will be able to cover costs for its users. Furthermore as Wavycoin onboard a new hedged scenario, a solution to scale those bets will be integrated in order to eliminate transaction cost completely.

Liquidity and Adoptions

Using real life scenarios and practical use cases, consumers worldwide can stake against themselves, in Favour or against an occurrence from champions league star studded market to local street football match or boxing competitions.


Wavycoin will utilize the Ethereum Request for Comment (ERC 20) to provide instantaneous staking and reliable service no matter how big the platform grows. Wavycoin plans to hedge real life event from every walks of life, with a team of experienced blockchain expert and industry insiders.

Token Details

Token Distribution


  • Pre-Sale

  • Betting Partnership

  • Strategic Partner

  • 7%

    Platform Development

  • 5%

    Pre sale Token

  • 5%



  • Ecosystem

  • Reserve Fund

  • 10%

    Team Advisor

  • 5.75%

    Public Sale

Wavycoin Roadmap

May - June 2021


July 2021

Public Sale (ICO)

August 2021


September, 2021

Bulding our exchange platform

November, 2021

Listing on exchanges


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